Quality Statement

At Uniquechem Solutions Inc we place quality at the core of our success. It is an important part of our culture, and day to day business relationships. We endeavor to create consistent business processes to meet desired goals while avoiding the risks and costs of poor quality. We strive to always do it right the first time, we do this by following theses core principles:

Partner Focus

We work continuously with customers to understand their quality needs ensuring we reliably deliver products and services that add value.

We proactively and continuously develop strategic business partnerships with suppliers that improve quality and enhance business results for all of our partners.

Process and Improvement

Processes are designed and improved upon to optimize business results.

A culture of empowered continuous improvement is intended to drive value to the market. We bring these solutions to the market to meet our partners needs.

Performance is assessed and benchmarked against best practice.

We look to the market for learned best practice and share internally to improve results.

Quality Alignment

Our quality vision is developed and shared by all, aligning our organization to meet business objectives. We create an engaging work environment to empower ownership of quality. We develop and communicate measurable objectives tied to business performance.